That's it. Last night I figured it out. I have simply been born into the wrong era. I belong in a simpler time where a woman's ability to mend boo-boos, get that tricky stain out and make a perfect chocolate souffle were cherished, admired and applauded. Instead, nowadays, I feel like society deems a SAHM (or stay at home mother for those of yous not well versed in the mommy chat room short hand) as not enough. As in there is something ELSE you should be doing with your time. A job more worthy. Or that you are simply biding your time until you rejoin the work force when the chitlins are big enough for daycare/school. But in all actuality, I feel the complete opposite. That there is NO other job more worthy of my time (& my blood, sweat and lots and lots of tears). And that no one can do it better (for my family) than me. Tending to my brood and my home is soul fulfilling in a way that no paycheck or project completed could satisfy. Mothers are everything aren't they? They create life and nurture it in a way that no one else can. SO  why am I deemed less intelligent, less driven, less capable because I ENJOY the simple domestic-tudes of life/familyhood?

   Folding laundry while completing an ABC puzzle with my 3yr old while the crock pot bubbles away and checking the clock because I am expecting the hubs home any minute now.... that's my jam. The soundtrack to my life. Once I 'gave in' to being a SAHM and let go of all my 'lack of professional life' insecurities, that's when life got good. When the smooth sailing began. It's also when I became really and truly happy. The simpler my life became the happier I got. Funny how that goes. In my younger years it was like 'go go go' and now I'm like 'no no no'. Or really it's like 'yes yes yes'. Yes, I will do all those seemingly tedious activities like cleaning, cooking, gardening and reading to the littles. Yes, I will do them right now and not put them off. Yes I am 'just' a mom... and you know what? I do all those things with a big ol fat smile on my face because, like I said before, I am happy. Is my life all peaches and cream? Hells to the freakin no. Many days I want to sit and cry or pull my hair out or punch myself in the face because if I have to wipe someone else's butt one more time I swear I'm gonna tear all my clothes off and go jump in a lake.... or the ocean... which is like 10 miles away so I'll be giving my town quite a show as I jog through it. ;)
 I may dabble in things like web design, blogging and crafts for sale here and there, but I know now that my true calling is to be a domestic goddess. And I will reign with pleasure over my kingdom of 3 bedrooms 2 baths, 12 chickens, 5 ducks a 'coming soon' puppy and grove of avocado trees.
  To my fellow SAHMs taking the plunge of domestic goddesship I send out a giant internet hug, fist bump and gallon jug of pinot.  And to my readers who are not, please be kind to said SAHMs because you never know what they have had to clean up that day or how close to the edge of crazytown they are, because honestly, I prance along that border every day, like some crazy little pony. Prance prance prance.
There you go. My little diatribe to domestic-mamahood-goddesship

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