Can you sense my excitement?! After many late late nights of painting and sewing I am so proud to reveal our retro 70's camping trailer! (Need to confirm the make/year/model with the hubs) but that is not really important. What is important is that our little trailer is sooo purdy ;)

Its like my third child now. First I thoroughly scrubbed her top to bottom till she was spark spanking sparkling clean. Then I carefully coated her entire interior with many coats of paint. Recovered all the cushions and hand sewed all new curtains, (don't applaud to much, I did the hand sewing because I didn't want to break out the sewing machine from the depths of my craft closet. It is buried in there deep.) Then re-scrubbed the floors because there were now many paint covered footprints scattered across it. Lou with the attitude thought it was a super fun game to plant her foot squarely on a newly painted section of wall and then proceed to race away from me dodging left and right like a pro basketball player. oh joy...

Enough jibber jabbering. Here are the lowly ugly dirty before pictures... not totally horrible. But could definitely use a little sprucing up. The whole wood on wood on wood tone is just not my thang.... so here we go! Welcome to my little 'mom cave'...

ps... this whole makeover only cost $30. And that was for 4 sets of sheets used to re cover the cushions. All of the paint and accessories I had laying around the house and garage. Props please!

Come in on for a chit chat and a sip of sweet tea... or lemonade... or iced coffee... or a mojito. We do lots of mojitos around here

Pin boards cover the closet/pantry door. Great place to stash all our mementos that we will gather from our upcoming travels

I decopauged the bathroom door with pages from an old atlas. I used the state pages of where our family can be found. Last thing to do is find a mini fridge. Looking for one that is in good condition but I don't really care what color it is because I will most likely paint it an aqua color.

what up pink ceiling? Oh it is you.

Cushions are covered in Wal Mart sheets. Less than $5 a set. S-T-E-A-L

hello again pink ceiling. Everyone looks good and feels good surround by pink. Besides sparkle and turquoise it is my favorite color.

Wha what? Pink tile backsplash? Yep ... and Swoon,  the trailer came with turquoise appliances. A little bummed that the previous owner tore out the retro laminate counter-top and replaced it with granite. Granite? Really? What-eves

Well that is our second home. Ready to follow, comfort and love us on our family travels. My mind keeps wandering to all the places we can go and people we will visit.

Last step is to name her. Need some help with that one. Should be kinda country-70's-ish. And definitely girly.

Pearl... Opal...Tilly... Vivian...Birdie...Lucy...Maxine.... ummm this will take some thought

Thanks for stopping by!