New paint color really. Truth is that I was never really sold on the color our master had been. I was going for a sophisticated gray with a hint of lavender. In my mind it was going to be classy, moody, unique.
Unique is right.... it came out straight up PURPLE. A weird mauve in your face purplish tone. In the early morning light I was ok with it, but every other time I was just annoyed when I caught a glimpse of it. Heck... I even painted a mural over it to try and change my heart about it. No go.

So I tried it again.

This time I went with a dark dark DARK chocolaty brown. Everyone is hooked on the whole 'white' thing, I went in the opposite direction. I just can't wrap my head around a white living space. I want cozy, dreamy, romantic... cave-like bedroom. Cave-like in a good way, not a suffocating way. You get me?

I am also on a wood and antique gold kick. Both of which look fabulous paired with a rich dark brown. The paint color is Scented Clove by Behr. Even sounds cozy right?!

Type case c/o my grandmother in law. Holds a key collection complied by my husband and his father.

I dragged our old small white dining table up for a new bedside table (Can't believe I hosted a dinner party of six with that! Can you say SQUISH) . Even though it is much larger than a standard bedside table I love having lots of display space for my various nicknacks and pictures. Next I added lots of mirrors through out the space. This really helps to multiply the light. You can also still see my anthropologie inspired wallpaper . Not taking that down anytime soon ;) Come on man! That is my favorite part!

It is like a desk, bookcase, bedside table and curio cabinet all in one!

Whoever came up with the idea of mismatched bedside tables... You are a genius. GENIUS I say!
This table came from a local salvage yard. It's a little rickety but I love the aged wood. Can't get enough.

See... wood & antique gold. It's everywhere. Another tip, if you were looking for one, is to use white linens in a dark bedroom. It helps to brighten the space but still keep it cozy. White linens in general are just plain classy. Reminds me of a luxury hotel. Note: I also have no window treatments in this room. What!, you say. Heck Yeah! I can skip these because we live on a quiet dead end street. Why would I want to block out this lovely view???

Hope your new year starts off with bang. Our year started with a night spent completing a giant puzzle and a walk on the beach in the breezy afternoon. In other words, just lovely.
Thank you for stopping by.