Oh Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte! (from Sex and the City).... I love your honest to goodness totally naive heart. Yes, sometimes the whole 'In love with love' thing can get a little obnoxious, but there certainly is something to be learned from her comment on her level of happiness with her marriage and life. Even in my most hectic days I strive to find the happiness, sometimes they might be fleeting but they are there. When you actually take a step back to breathe it all in, you will find that there are LOTS of bits of happiness floating around. You just have to take the time to notice them.

 So I interrupt your normal broadcast of DIYs for a special glimpse into my daily happiness.

I am going to squeeze you into this sink as long as I can!

Big sis helping out. A few moments later she had stripped down completely and was ready to climb on in. What little kid doesn't like splashing around in a tub! (or farmhouse sink for that matter)

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Sewing diys will resume shortly :)