Whew! October just seemed to fly right by! November is upon us and I am diving right in. Holla Holiday season!
I'm so so sooo looking forward to holiday baking, trying out a few new Thanksgiving recipes (Which I am hosting this year ....ekkkkk!!!), Christmas music, Christmas shopping for the littles and all the rest of the fun festive festivities that come with this time of year. I cherish this time as the littles are really starting to comprehend the 'Holidays' and will remember these times for the rest of their lives! Lotta pressure right?! No but really, I want to instill upon them a feeling of gratitude for all the wonderful people in our life and that this time is about family togetherness and love. Love for one another, love for our community and love for fellow man. While I am just one silly ol housewife from San Diego I also have one of the greatest responsibilities on the planet.... teaching my children about love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. It falls upon me as 'mama', to not only teach my babies about life, but to lead the kind of life I want for them. To be a role model. That, is my most important job and I take it very seriously ;)
So this month I want to focus on my thoughts. More of these posts will be personal and a little less DIY. I am just feeling the need to express my self matter of factly... but do not fret! I will be posting DIYs as well. I've been doing a lot of inner reflection these days (being preggo and all it's kinda hard to avoid!) and I wanted to share and hear back.
But first, here is a little recap from this past month. Above ^^^ little miss Lou was helping me break out the Halloween decorations and couldn't have been happier as she raced around on her witch broom, hat on head screeching 'I'm going to get you my little sweetie HEEE HEEE HEEE!!!!'

I played hostess to my monthly book club and this was the fall tablescape I could muster up with just things from my garden and closet. Pretty good eh?!

I must say... if you live anywhere REMOTLY near a Zoo or animal park and have littles at home, YOU MUST get an annual pass. Such a great investment. Oh you are board? Head to the Zoo. A nice day for a walk? Head to the Zoo. Just want to get these crazy little munchkins off each others backs? HEAD. TO. THE. ZOO.

That's me at 25 weeks.... The Big 25. Totally feeling it.

So what is a frustrated mama to do when her clothes are not fitting??? Why head to the nearest 2-for-1 sale at Old Navy and stock up on adorable outfits for the princess. At least one of us will look put together?!

Mary had two little lambs and they went and sat on her where ever she may go.

Total score! The hubs nabbed these beauties from a local estate sale. Yes, those are moose horns. And Yes, they are 58" across.

This month finished up with a Viking and Black Kitty Cat singing Happy Halloween and sneaking WAY too much candy. Ah oh well. That's what Halloween is all about.

Thanks for stopping by!