Invitations are being sent. Decorations are being put together. Recipes are being researched. 

I am in complete and total party prep mode. Yes I have a month till the party but I think that half the fun is the prep. Am I alone in this thought and feeling? Probably not. But it seems that I like imposing a little stress on myself. Life has been running a little to smoothly... to peaceful... to serene. Nothing like a party to put you in total manic-panic mode. Why do we do this? Impose deadlines... like 'I must lose this weight by such and such date', 'I must get this home improvement project done by the end of the weekend', I must I must I must. Not that timelines are bad. But who wants stress added?

Sorry for being a bit of a Debby Downer. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to appreciate the little things. To stop a moment and breath it all in. Looking at my babies helps me do this. Nothing like a child's enthusiasm with her garage sale find (little tykes firetruck) to put your feet firmly on the pavement.
  Hope your week is going well. I will be sure to share more of my Halloween party adventure. Invitations, Decorations and recipes.

Thanks for stopping by.