I am ecstatic that these two really enjoy each others company. They giggle and laugh and talk to each other. Well, Lou talks and the little man ' Mamamamama ma MA mama MAMAMAM's' at her. Lou is generous with her toys but he is much more interested in her. Sprint crawling after her if she saunters away. She is gentle with him (most of the time anyway). I am also very surprised that she tolerates little man getting a tad more attention right now. Nursing, crawling up the stairs, diapers... you name it, it seems like I am constantly saying "I need to help little man do this, or this, or this, or that, that, THAT!
  Thankful that jealously has stayed at bay. 
Don't get me wrong. It is not all peaches and cream over here. Lou is a handful and we have our daily battles. She is such a strong willed little lady!  Stubborn really should be her middle name. But in all of her hissy fits and 'nah uh mamas' she never lets out her frustration on little man. Raise the roof! Hallelujah!
 I'm sure it will come at one time. So for now I will relish the moments when the house is filled with their giggles and laughter.

What is more fun then wrestling in a pile of pillows?

Or jumping into them?

Or cuddling in them? Hiding in them? Playing peek-a-boo in them?

I am finding it harder and harder to want to leave this little cocoon we have created here.

Thanks for stopping by. I have a cute little light fixture diy coming up next. Also doing some sprucing up in the kitchen that I will share.