Hey-o! Over the weekend we finally got a card reader that would read the ancient compact flash drive of this old (ok... so it's not that old, but old in the current scheme of camera technology) camera. It's a SLR, yes SLR not DSLR. While this camera and vintage glass lens produces gorgeous pictures (as evidence presented in this post) it doesn't have an automatic focus, so capturing life (as it moves at one and three year old lighting speeds) can be difficult. So with great patience and a quick delete finger if the image is out of focus, both me and the hubs are having a lot of fun playing with this camera and it's 'vintage glass lens'. Are we masters of photography? Absolutely not. Be we both share a great love of capturing these wondrous subjects and have no problem weeding though the dozens of crappy blurry images in order to get these few stunners.

So what's on my mind/agenda for this week? A little diy'n, a little pumpkin themed baking and a few more 'snaps' into our little life.
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