So here are a few snapshots around the house pre-Halloween. Starting to break out my fall decorations. First pic is of some super cute (and easy to DIY) plush pumpkins. You can find some tuts here, here or here.

Handsome bugger isn't he? I picked him up here.

Is it to early to break out the wheat & pumpkins? When really, is it ok to start decorating for fall? Here in southern California it is hard to tell when fall actually starts.

I'll make sure to do a side by side when this mantel is all done up for Halloween. Epic man. It will be epic ;)

Plus here is a sneak peek into one of our Halloween creations. Yes the hubs is doing most of the work on this one...

that's it... that is your first sneak peek of our Halloween extrvaganza 2012

such a tease..

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