Hey Guys. Welcome back to me! After a week of sick babes and r&r I am back and ready to go. This week is jamb packed with lots of DIYs. This week is dedicated to Nursery Art (but most/all of these ideas can be applied to other areas as well, such as weddings/gifts/room decor) To start off is a super easy and super chic project. Just pics of the finished product because the DIY is just so simple!
Let's create some Wood Slice Art
What you need: A wood slice. If you don't have access to wood slices at home, try your local hardware/lumber store, craigslist or Hobby Lobby. We have piles and piles of wood... so if you live near, come on by :). Some craft paint, brushes and lastly some crystal clear spray coat.
What to do: Clean your wood slice. Use a wire brush and damp rag to give it a good sprucing up. Let dry. Then get out your paints and brushes and slop away. Well, that is what I did but feel free to stencil or tape off sections to get crisp lines. Make sure to leave a space between the paint and the edge of the wood slice. This space gives to art piece a rustic/natural feel. Let the paint dry then give the whole slice 2-3 coats of the crystal clear. This gives it a great glassy/polyurethane feel. Attach bracket or hook to back if desired or you can simply display on a shelf.
I really love this simple DIY and think it will fall in to my trusty repertoire of baby shower gifts (or house warming or bridal shower)

Thanks for stopping by! Check in for more easy pieces later this week.