sneaky sneak!!!

I caught you!!!

   As much as guns frighten me, I really do appreciate having a husband that knows how to handle them (He knows what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks he is doing!). I feel safer knowing that we are protected, not only by his cool as a cucumber head but his steady hand as well. I love that he has a hobby that he enjoys so very much. It is clear as day, the joy just beams from his smile when he nails 25, then 50, and then 75 clays in a row!
  But more importantly our entire family appreciates guns and understands the great responsibility that comes with such power. We appreciate the right to protect ourselves & our property. Not too long ago, before I was married and introduced into the life of hunting and providing for yourself & family, I was completely opposed to guns. I did not see the purpose nor any adequate reason as to why a person would need a firearm, just didn't see it.

But boy have things changed.

In this past year we had a very scary incident happen here on the Avocado farm. In the middle of the night I was awoken to the sounds of a man trying to steal our truck right out of our drive way. Only a few yards from where I and my babies sleep... OMG is right! But thank god for my husband, cool and collected as always (even after being awoken in the middle of the night to my panicked whispers), He confronted the man from a safe distance, shotgun in hand and warned the perp to scram ( in not so nice of terms). Long story short, the man left, the sheriffs were called, they found the young man (basically a teen)... turns out the man was the son of a neighbor who was visiting. He had recently gone off his medication for his Bi-Polar disorder and was suffering delusions that he need to travel cross country in order to save his half sister (hence his panic and trying to steal our vehicle).... OMG OMG...Double OMG is right!!! The young man has since moved away with his mother and is supposedly back on his medication.
  I know this is not a very nice subject and kind of out of character for this blog, but with the upcoming election and watching my babies today as they watched my husband practice at the range, it got me really thinking... thinking that I am very thankful! Thankful that my babies are safe and sound. My husband is our hero and all is well with the world... for now. I am not trying to push any agenda. Just trying to share my new found opinion and the reasoning behind it.... Thank you for letting me share. Take from it what you will. Kiss your babies extra tonight... I know I will be doing so with mine :)
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