He wears our babies, and looks damn good doing it. Nuff said

   Our little owl and her uncle. Uncles are the greatest, aren't they? I have so many fond memories of my favorite uncle. Yes, I said it... favorite. I was like a kid the night before Christmas when I knew he was coming for a visit (It also helps that he was more like a big brother than an Uncle being 19 years my fathers junior). I have a feeling my brother will be Lou's fav. He is her go-to person when we are playing make believe.
'Who are you calling, Lou?"
"Uncle Ben"
"What are you doing, Lou?"
"Surfing with Uncle Ben"
"What are you drawing, Lou?"
"Uncle Ben"

She loves her Uncle Ben.

Hope you all had a safe and fun HAPPY Halloween. We did a little trick & treating (yes, and, see here) in my home town, Encinitas. Such a perfect little beach town. As for the business of the evening I think we made it two complete blocks before the candy coma took over. The whole time I was goo-goo eyed over my hubs and his baby wearing ensemble.

Thanks for stopping by! A cute and easy hair accessory diy is up next.