Here is the third installment of my ' ease back into sewing like how you gingerly dip into a jacuzzi' sewing series. This is my version of an A line dress, basically the same but with a tweak here and there. This one is a little more complicated than the easy 5 minute flouncy skirt and bubble skirt... but not by that much.

The A line dress is another one of those little things that every crafter should know. It seems more complicated than it actually is. In fact all of the sewing projects that I tend to take on don't need a pattern. Same goes for this. With just a few simple measurements and some sharp scissors you are well on you way to stitchin up a fancy frock. Here we go!

Funky and cute right? I actually really like the open sides. Makes this more of a jumper than a dress I guess. Also I used the selvage as the bottom hem rather than finishing it off. It is those little 'details' that make hand sewn clothes so great! A bow here and zig zag stitch there. Something to really cherish.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this dress. I would love to help you out. Homemade clothes are the absolute best and sewing really is becoming a lost art. Any way I can help anotha motha out, I all for it. Think about it.... our grandmothers and great grandmothers all knew how to sew, but these days sewing is like a foreign language.
I Speak-eza zeems! ... I speak seams :)

Oh my goodness I think that about does it for me today, I am speaking (writing) in a made up sewing language now. Time to go. Remember you always should leave a party while it is still fun.

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I interrupt my sewing series for an Anthropologie ornament knock off. I just couldn't resist. You know me and my anthro ;)