He is a sneak peek into what I have been working on lately. As I mentioned before here I am in the middle of a room swap, turning my old office into the kids shared bedroom. While making up my mind on the furniture situation I decided to jazz up the long wall in the room. As of right now this wall will be free of any furniture, just toys stacked up in front, so it will be perfect for them to scribble away.

 First I created a chair rail by attaching some pre finished lightweight trim. I used quick dry construction adhesive and a few finishing nails. I caulked the edges to fill in the gaps. Even though the trim is pre finished I plan on touching up with some white paint.
 Then I wallpapered above the chair rail with pages from a vintage children's book. I really liked the sepia toned images. Ok this next bit of info might convince you I am insane, but I attached the pages with regular spray adhesive. It was quick and easy. Yes, it will be a major pain in the rear end when I change it or try to take it down. Guess I will just deal with that when it comes. See, I am a bit of an impulsive home decorator. Sometimes I just haveta do it ya know?! Almost done with this part. The ceilings are really high in this room so I have a lot of wall space to cover. Glad that this book was more of a tome with many many many pages :).
 Lastly I whipped up my own batch of chalkboard paint. I used this tutorial with regular leftover house paint, Except.... I used sanded grout.


 But I am here to tell you that it still works! Just has a bit more texture then regular chalkboard paint. Which is ok because the rest of the walls in our house have a lot of texture. I really just needed a surface that would stand up to the scribblings of two little young-ens, not a pro-fesh chalk artist. And boy does it!

I plan on getting the furniture situation handled this weekend so I can be back to share the before and after. Yea!!!
Off to a family dinner. Boy am I lucky to be so close to them! Thanks for stopping by!