Attention all Southern Californians!!! This is my secret shopping spot that I am reluctantly yet happily sharing with you!

      Have you ever been in that boat? Found someplace that you adore such as a restaurant or shop, so you hold that knowledge tightly to your chest is fear of it' getting out' and inevitably changing? Well I am going against my better judgment and sharing this fabulous shopping caravan with you. They have an event coming up that you don't want to miss, so get out your pens and paper or daily planner and mark this down!
     Matilda's Mouse is located on a private estate in Valley Center, San Diego. Yes it is a hike for those of you located in the city, but you will not be disappointed. Matilda holds monthly sales that span from one Friday till Sunday. Don't forget to sign up for her emails at the end of this post so you will not be left out. Oh and let me clear this up... Matilda is the family dog, dutifully dressed in costume for every sale, ready to greet you with a wet nose and a smile at check out :)

  On the property you will find a very large stone and wood barn stuffed full of goodies. Before you get in side the barn there is a very healthy selection of architectural salvage. I have picked up vintage ceiling tin panels, vintage windows, doors and crates from the outside. Successfully spending my allotment before I even step foot inside! Don't worry, 'mad money' was carefully stashed inside my wallet just in case of emergency.

 Every month's sale brings on a new look for the barn. The vendors pride themselves in staging and prop styling and it shows. My favorite time of year to visit Matilda is Halloween. They have the best selection of creepy antiques and Halloween themed handmade decor. I make a point to visit every time there is a sale. Even if I don't have the funds. Just the experience of visiting this old barn is priceless.
   Eventually I post some pics of all the treasures I have gathered from Matilida, until then.. please visit them!

Next Event: March 23rd-25th Easter Extravaganza

Matilda's Mouse 29200 Miller Road, Valley Center, San Diego, CA 92082

Visit the Matilda website HERE to get a map, directions and event dates  Click HERE for past event pictures.

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