One of my favorite flea markets! The Vintage Marketplace happens about 4 times a year located in Rainbow California (right on the edge of San Diego & Temecula county lines) at the Rainbow Oaks park and shopping center. It doesn't hurt that this show is only five minutes from my house! I mean come on! 5 minutes! One of the downfalls of living in the country (as country as San Diego can be ;) ) is that EVERYthing is so dang far! And with rising gas prices I really think twice about my car adventures.
 Ok back to the topic at hand. The Vintage Marketplace has about 40 vendors. The goods range from architectural salvage, handmade goods, vintage themed clothing and jewelery. There really is a wide variety of items, which is greatly appreciated. I hate it when you go to a show and each vendor is selling the same ol things. I was really just going to gather ideas for what I could make at home... yeah right ;).... I scored some great things
*A vintage Root Jar Soap Dispenser. Yes I probably could have made it, but I have such a hard time finding that perfect shade of blue green.

*A vintage flour sack quilt- so darn cute and has that perfect shade of blue green. Can you tell that turquoise is my favorite color yet?

*A vintage chicken feeder. I have seen these used in so many ways that I am excited about the possibilities. Not to mention that it has the perfect amount of rustic chippy charm.

  While the Vintage Marketplace is not HUGE it is a great source. The vendors are very friendly and are always willing to negotiate on price. If only they had the perfect table/chest that I want for a new kitchen island! Already thinking about my next project!
  Please enjoy the pictures of the Marketplace and I hope you have a chance to make the next one. Click HERE to see their Facebook page