Here are some snaps of what's been goin on around the house, from my phone, insta and a Dora camera. Nothing really special, just some furniture rearranging and going nuts with houseplants. It is super DUper hard for me to be motivated to do ANYthing right now other than pace back and forth trying to get this boy up off his bootay and out of my belly. Moving a chair here and there is my therapy and here are the results of said therapy....

  Testing out a new arrangement in the living room. Giving the 'Four Chairs' or 'Conversation Area' a go. It seems to be working out great. Down here we read books, listen to music, and move the ottoman out of the way for toy trucks and Dr office visits. This arrangement also lets the kids go nuts by jumping from the ottoman to one chair then back to the ottoman and on to another chair and so on and so on in a little kids dream version of musical chairs . I was considering getting a round (wood? Cast?) coffee table, but for now I'll just let em go hog wild.

Culling my bird cage collection and only displaying a few at a time. I don't want to seem like a crazy lady with a million cages and not a single bird. But I guess I'm already nuts because I hate (pet) birds and would never in a million years have one.... but that doesn't stop me from love'n on some thrifted cages.

Kinda a random assortment of snaps from around the house. Trying to lay low and get some rest before little #3 arrives. Just enjoying the madness before the MADNESS. Those of you with multiple babes know what I'm talking about.

Thanks for stopping by!