Like way way way into the middle of nowhere. Where resourcefulness and craftiness the way of life. Days (albeit nice days) are spent hunting, fishing, gardening, canning, sewing ect ect ect. Yes, life would be hard. But the hand to mouth type of lifestyle can be the most gratifying. Nothing can beat a true connection and respect for our magnificent earth. In my humble opinion. What I stress and worry about now would seem so frivolous, so vapid, so completely useless. A place where what really matters, like family bonds, would come into the spot light. A place where wholsome values and unyielding character can be passed down to my children without the scary and dangerously entwining vices of suburbia. My man shares this same daydream (as seen in these pics and his love of chopping firewood). But alas, life has steered our herd into another direction. Don't get me wrong I am so so SO grateful for this wonderful life we have created. We have a beautiful and healthy family, a place where we can hang up our boots and toast our tootsies at night and the ability to clothe our backs and nourish our bodies. This is just me expounding on daydreams and worries. Funny how once my daydreams were so free from worries, but now as a mother and wife, worries have become an integral part of the package. But those worries don't stop me from goggling 'What is it like to live in Alaska?', looking at real estate and dreaming some more :)

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday. We have book club (aka wino night) here at the humble abode tonight. Homemade lasagna! Yummy :) DIYs coming soon, I promise.