The heat wave has finally hit us here is SoCal. So far we have been blessed with a very thick and lingering marine layer this summer, but it's finally burned off and all the UVA/UVB/Infrared/Lazer Beam Rays are hitting us full force. So on the agenda is lots of beach and splash pad time. Basically I follow one of my most important motherhood mottoes, "When in doubt, Place in water". It instantly chills the littles out. Literally and figuratively.

This guy was ready to roll and I could barely keep up with him! He was zipping back and forth across this giant splash pad weaving in and out of all the big kids. Gave mama a little bit of an anxiety attack. I was just picturing a full force head on collision. But all was well.

And this sneaky (and clever) mamacita made a new friend and with it came a squirt gun. With this new found arsenal she proceeded to race around the perimeter of the pad squirting all the parents who were not expecting getting sopped in the face with splash pad water via neon plastic propulsion. My new saying for the day was, "OMG I'm so sorry, please forgive her she is only three". As I race away from their wet glares....
oh what a precious princess.....

West coast is the best coast. Where else do you get these heavenly sunsets (On a daily basis)????

Lou found her new passion... scratching! Via her very cool uncle.

And her first boogie boarding experience via riding on her auntie's back.

And how else to do you end the day? It's a must to get a snuggle bug like this chunk-a-monk. There really is nothing like cuddles from your babies. Food for the soul.

Hope you all are having a fab-o summer full of what ever you would like it to be full of. :)

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