We had an early start to the fourth. The hubs had his eye on a truck that was for sale... about two hours away. So we packed up the kids bright and early and went for a little road trip. Wish I had brought the camera to capture some pics, but with my eyes all sleepy-sleepy I'm surprised I made it into the car. Anyway, that truck was a no go but we got to have a nice convo sesh with the kiddos sound asleep in the back.
 Here are some snapshots of us around the house before we headed to see some fam/friends to celebrate our country. Hope you all had a nice holiday. Kind of weird to have the fourth in the middle of the week, but a bonus to have the weekend a mere two days away.

can't believe how fast my little main man is growing. Crazzzzy

lounging around watching cartoons

bouncing around on papa's belly

getting ready for a tea party.

two for me and none for you... we are working on the whole sharing thing. Takes time right?

mama, enough pics already!!!

little main man has got his pop's baby blues

the 'new' family wagon. Retro suburban. I think I hear it saying something.... sounds like 'roooooooadtrip'

There was a different kind of light today. A little hazy, almost fall like. Seeing this reminds me to take a minute to enjoy the day and remember how blessed I am. Thanks for stopping by. I have a DIY lined up for tomorrow along with a fantastic dessert recipe.