A sneak peek into our life. Life is good :)

Her Toms must be on bright and early. She loves them I think as much as she loves me ;)

The flooring is coming together nicely. Can't wait for it to be complete. Life with the kiddos and half of the kitchen out of commish is not ideal.

Oatmeal, juice and lots of smoochies. This is how we start out day.

Playing footsie with my little main man. Besides eating this is his favorite activity (mine too). Tough life

Working the vintage tin ceiling. Yes there will be schoolhouse shades, no I will not be rocking a bare bulb. Ouchie to my eye balls.

Helping papa out with lots of smooch breaks

start with some sand time

then some pool time.... (chalk down! chalk down! going in for the rescue!)

and some more pool time...

means nap time for him....

and attitude from her.

Some big bear cuddles and stories are the cure for a case of the grumpies.

up from a nap and ready for some bubble blowing & cooing.

Bubbas, perfect for a warm summer Saturday. Have you checked out Bubbas yet. They are delish. Yum-o.

Finish up with dinner at the Grandparents

and we are all pooped from our own little secret summer party.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!