This weekend was fab-u-lous. It really reminded me to enjoy the little things, to take a breather and look at the things around you.  Our worlds have grown so big so quickly that small summertime experiences so often get over looked.

     It also made it blatantly obvious that my level of patience has... exponentially increased :). Which is a good thing. Which is also a must with two small children. I honestly admit that before the kiddos came I was ummm... a little high strung, just a touch. But with a prankster for a husband and a comedienne for a daughter, high strung-ed-ness is next to impossible.

   Cut to scene from my hubs and mine first date. We walked along the boardwalk and picked up some ice cream. As we strolled along the hubs innocently sniffed his cone and said,
    'Oh god, this smells awful... what do you smell?'  then he held out the cone for me to take a whiff.
   I leaned in and prepared for some weird fragrance, instead I got the cone rammed up the none.

   Up the nose

    Nostril imprints were left in the cone.

  I sputtered, took a step back looked at his huge grin ( and amazing baby blues) and started laughing. He caught me so off guard and instead of flipping my lid my honest reaction was humor. With anyone else I would have stormed off being a total princess. Some might say this is cruel or weird, but that is just us. We work. We laugh. We have fun.

  I hope every couple has stories like that. We have plenty. No one is perfect, no couple is perfect, but it is the imperfect-strange-weird-only-us-understands-them moments that make life so great. Here are a few of our from this perfect summer weekend.

  Don't worry I have a couple of DIYs and yummy recipes coming later this week.

Helping papa wash the car. Our little raccoon must put her paws in any water.

see what I mean by comedienne?

pool time with papa.

Summer really isn't complete with out plenty of pool time.

after yummy Sunday family dinner... a strong tradition,  we tend to the rest of the family. The furry family members.

just climbing the horse corral with a baby in tow. No biggie

cowgirl here we come. Feeding the horses has got to be her favorite thing to do.

big brothers really are so cool. Super cool. And brothers girlfriend really is cute. Super cute

The light on the drive home was so awesome.
Perfect end to perfect summer evening. Remember it is the little things. The little things.....

look who made the trip.

   Thanks for stopping by. No complaints here today.