Life is pretty dang fun these days. Not gonna lie. I'm totally stoked with how life has worked out. There is no where else I'd rather be than sandwiched between my three messy chubby faced cherebs. Well, four if you count the hubs too. But I don't think he'd appreciate being called chubby faced ;)

.Feeling very grateful and very happy.

Also pretty terrified. Terrified that something bad will happen. Is that normal? It's gotta be right?

I really try and focus on all the good things but it seems inevitable that my thoughts will wander occasionally to the dark side of 'what if?' And those 'what ifs'.... they can be pretty scary. 

So what do I do to rid myself of the hebeejeebees? Besides throwing back a shot or two of te-kill-ya (I kid I kid), I keep my hands busy. When my hands are busy my mind is busy and that leaves no room for those sneaky and devious 'what ifs'

So whether it be painting, planting or pureeing, a busy summer bee is where I find my sanity. Ha! Look Ma! I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

Ok. I'll stop. Here are some summer snaps.

Tons of little precious moments wrapped up in these. Hope I can cherish these moments forever. And eva eva.

Thanks for stopping by!