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DIY Home Decor Accessories:Three Basic Surface Treatments

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, April 10, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

Three Basic Surface Treatments
How to Decorate a Plain Pear


Here are three basic surface treatments that every crafter should have stashed away in their noggin. The first one is your basic decoupage. Second is chalkboard paint and third is twine wrapping. These surface treatments are very versatile and can be used on numerous objects and surfaces. Old jars, bottles and boxes are perfect to experiment with all three of these treatments. This tutorial is a very quick one, mostly just listing tip...

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Wax Paper Pressed Flowers

Posted by Honor on Thursday, March 15, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

  How to Press Flowers with Wax Paper

   Get ready to have a flashback to elementary school with this craft tutorial. This is very similar to melted crayon wax paper crafts, but with a more grown up and 'springy' twist. Now go for a little walk through your yard and pick some interesting little flowers and leaves. The daintier the better, try to avoid bulky roses :) Enjoy!

What you will need: A roll of wax paper, tear off two large sheets. Fresh flowers and leaves (like I said earlier, dainty w...

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