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Driftwood Crafts: Painbrush, Pen or Toothbrush Holder

Posted by Honor on Friday, July 6, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

This scenario went down yesterday.

The hubs came rushing in out of the garage while on the phone saying 'Hold on let me get a pen'. He was in hot pursuit of a killer Craigslist deal and needed to get all the details. He rummaged around in one junk drawer.

Then moved on the the next.

And the next.

Then utensils, plates and pots and pans were rattled and strewn about, until he shoots me a dirty look and rushes out of the room again. It happens all the time. Got me thinking that I need a place f...

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Anthropologie Inspired Picture Frame

Posted by Honor on Monday, March 12, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

   This weekend I went on my bi-weekly expeditions to anthropologie to get inspired and see if there was anything I couldn't live without. Of course I can't possibly live without having absolutely everything in the entire store in my possession. But sadly until I win the lottery or anthro so graciously decides to donate the entire collection to moi... I will have to do without...Boo!
 But don't worry, I make do. Yes! Anthropologie always gets my creative juices flowing. When I got home still n...

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How to Glitter a Candle

Posted by Honor on Thursday, March 8, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

How to glitter a candle... how to glitter anything actually!

  Now this is my kind of craft. Quick, inexpensive and totally girly! I had a serious glitter phase in jr high and I don't think it every truly wore off. My parents would get peeved at me because when my dad was rushing off to some important business meetings, my mom always had to double check his face and person for flecks of glitter. I even remember literally throwing glitter up into the air and letting it rain down into my hair be...

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Drawing On Ceramic (How to Transfer Lettering)

Posted by Honor on Monday, March 5, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

   What a pretty plate right? And it was so easy to do! The is the perfect craft for gift giving. The hubs has been asking for some coffee mugs to bring to work that are not super feminine. What anthropologie tea cups and cafe au latte mugs are not good enough for you!?!?! Oh well
   I poked around on the internet for the best types of materials to use but it wasn't until I dawdled a Sunday away at Micheal's did I find this super star product! Please read on and I hope you give this one a try....

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Button Art

Posted by Honor on Sunday, March 4, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 

Does any one else love buttons as much as I do? Every time I head to Micheal's or Hobby Lobby I have to upgrade my button stash just a little bit. And don't even get me started about flea markets and the endless vintage ones I can gorge myself on!
I think I am going to do a series on kids room art work and this will be the first one. Fairly simple. You can do letters like this tutorial demonstrates, or you can do little animals or silhouettes. Really the options are only limited my your creat...

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