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DIY Fabric Storage Baskets

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, In : Decor Crafts 

Get the five strand braid tutorial here

Pretty cute storage for only a buck a piece. Perfect project for busting through your old sheet and pillowcase stash.

What? Don't you keep all your old sheets and pillowcases?

You could use these baskets for toy storage, as demonstrated above. Or you could go all literal and use it for, well, laundry ;)

I'm so excited! My in-laws are coming into town tomorrow for a much needed visit/vacation. I'm sure the kiddos will enjoy seeing their grandparents in pers...

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6 Ways to Decorate with Dollar Store Candles

Posted by Honor on Monday, July 2, 2012, In : Party Decorations 

Having a party this summer? Or just looking for a way to add a little visual interest to your bookcase or table top? This DIY is super simple and ready to be completed at a moments notice. Perfect for your summer BBQ, birthday party or DIY wedding. Enjoy!

What you need: Some dollar store white candles. Get a whole bunch of em. Different sizes & shapes. There really is no right or wrong here. Then go crazy with the accents. I gathered up all sorts of goodies from around the house and played aro...

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