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Christmas Family Photo 2013

Posted by Honor on Friday, December 27, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Merry Christmas Y'all! Hope it was a magical, wonderful, joyful celebration full of love and merriment of all kinds.

So here I am @ 34 weeks preggo, in bright and shiny red. JOY... but no really... JOY :)  . For all of my timidness getting my picture taken during this, shall we say, puffy time, I am full of joy and thankful that I kicked my but into the frame. Gotta be present and take part of the family right?! Not just stuck behind the camera.

And here is my family sans a few beloveds who we...

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While the Papa Dog is away....

Posted by Honor on Thursday, September 19, 2013, In : Home Sneek Peek 
So my oh my.... here is what's up right now. The hubs is away on a hunting trip with his best former Navy bud and his pops for 10 days. So wonderful right?!?!



Wonderful... for them! For me this time alone with the two kiddos (and one baking away) have been a true test of my patience, strength, will power, stamina, endurance, ect ect ect.... feel free to add any more adjectives to describe this parenting marathon going on in my house. For all you single mamas out there, how you do this A...

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Family Fun: San Diego County Fair

Posted by Honor on Friday, June 14, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Whew this family is tuckered! As in kaput.... Doneskey... Zonked.... As in my achin back, feet and knees!
But, all in all Lou's fantastical third birthday at the county fair was a success. I don't think that little gal could have been any happier. She was literally bounding, skipping and leaping around for the whole day. Squeals of joy could be heard on the minute, every minute. From the barns full of animals, to the games, to the rides and of course the fair treats, I think this one is for th...

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Pillow Mosh Pit

Posted by Honor on Thursday, January 24, 2013, In : Life At Home 

 I am ecstatic that these two really enjoy each others company. They giggle and laugh and talk to each other. Well, Lou talks and the little man ' Mamamamama ma MA mama MAMAMAM's' at her. Lou is generous with her toys but he is much more interested in her. Sprint crawling after her if she saunters away. She is gentle with him (most of the time anyway). I am also very surprised that she tolerates little man getting a tad more attention right now. Nursing, crawling up the stairs, diapers... you...

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The Davenport

Posted by Honor on Monday, November 5, 2012, In : Life At Home 

I Love love love this snapshot of them. I will have to look back on this when they are tearing each others hair out and say to them, 'SEE!!! You can get along!'

Welcome to our new haven. This chartreuse and cream floral wonder is our 'new' sofa. Eight feet long of vintage cushy pillow wonderful. I have recently vowed to myself that old is the new 'new'. No more new furniture when there are plenty of hardy handcrafted in the US of A battleships out there. I haven't named this beauty yet but I a...
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Soggy Sunday Smiles

Posted by Honor on Monday, October 22, 2012, In : Life At Home 

Rain rain come again any day you please :)
We love rain here in this household. My plants were very thirsty and we were in dire need of a dress up day. That was our weekend in a nutshell. Story time, dress up and lots of smiles.
Hope you had a pleasant week end.
I am working on a super cute project for the kiddos. Pics and a DIY coming next!

Thanks for stopping by.

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