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DIY Glitter Applique Chambray Shirt

Posted by Honor on Saturday, July 6, 2013, In : Clothing 

   It's a glitter kinda day around here. But who wants a great big fat glittery mess? No thanks. So this ^^^^ is how I get my glitter on with out any stress. Basically it's just creating your very own glitter applique. You could go all simple and just do dots or hearts like I did here and here.... or you can get a little more tricky and use tracing paper to make a pattern of specific shapes. Here are the deets more in depth

1. Decide what part you want to be covered with the glitter applique a...

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DIY Cowhide Rug From A Drop Cloth

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, In : Decor Crafts 

You are either firmly on the cowhide decor train or you're not. I, sadly, am (or was, wink wink ) frantically racing to hop onto that train, but my darn piggy bank full of pennies and not benggies was weighing me down. Wah-wah. On the low (as in crappy) end a cowhide will cost you at least $300 and on the upper (as in baller) end one little rug will cost you a couple grand.  Not that long ago I was perusing pinterest and found these stunners from Shades of Light....

What more do you need? Cowh...

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DIY Glitter Rainboots

Posted by Honor on Monday, February 25, 2013, In : Accessories 

Anyone else like to rock rain boots on a nice sunny day? Me and my little gal sure do. I'm thinkin she picked it up from me ;) . We love to plop on our wellies (or goat ropers, as my husband calls them) to do a little gardening or what knot, regardless if there are puddles to stomp through or not. I have a festive pink and white polka dot pair, but poor Lou only has a plainie janie black rubber pair. Perfectly functional and acceptable but not nearly fashionable enough for a gal with this muc...

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Craft Wars: DIY Glitter Lamp & Shade with Glitter Spray Paint

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, In : Decor Crafts 
Holla! I eluded to it earlier in the month that there was a totally completely awesomely fabulous glitter diy in the works with a special partner. Well, here it is!  My diy Glitter Lamp and Lampshade using Krylon Glitter Spray Paint was featured on Buzzfeed Shift's Craft Wars Challenge. Head on over there for the complete diy instructions and don't forget to vote for moi! Yes, that was just some shameless promotion right there.

Boom. Nailed it.

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DIY Gold Glitter Chevron Pillow

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, In : Decor Crafts 

 Chevrons, gold, glitter... what more can a gal ask for in a throw pillow? This past weekend the hubs and I did a craigslist run and picked up the most ridiculously glamorous FREE sofa. Sing it with me 'free free free set me free, free free sofa I can't believe you were free!'
 Mohair velvet, single owner, camel back... just plain vintage gold (yes that is an underline there). Basically I am in styling heaven right now rearranging furniture and accessories. But alas, none of the pillows on han...

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DIY Gold Glitter Polka Dot Sweater

Posted by Honor on Saturday, January 19, 2013, In : Clothing 
do do doot do do doot DO DO DOOT DOOT!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled diy'n to share with you this awesomely cute so friggin adorable diy! Don't worry, your regularly scheduled diy ( # 9 & # 10 of the hair comb series) will appear shortly after this special post.

With out further ado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Am I right or am I right about this being friggin adorable?!?!?!

   I'm not even going to mention about how cheap and easy and ridiculously simple it is to make other than it...

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DIY Glitter Lamp & Lampshade (Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint)

Posted by Honor on Monday, January 7, 2013, In : Decor Crafts 
Special collaboration coming soon! I jumped the gun and shared too soon. Check back in on this around the 17th :)
Thank you!

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DIY NYE Sparkle Style Inspiration

Posted by Honor on Friday, December 28, 2012, In : Project Alert 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Also... Please check out some of my own sparkly DIYs. New ones coming asap. This weekend will be a busy one :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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DIY Jewelry and Nail Polish Refashion

Posted by Honor on Sunday, December 9, 2012, In : Accessories 
So if you saw my last post, you would have seen these gorgeous earrings.

  B-E-A-U-tiful right?! I thought so. I also thought that the concept behind them wasn't that tricky, a quick and easy diy. Just a dab of glitter will do ya sometimes and here is my attempt at these beauties... only these fellas are in my first and second fav colors, sparkle and turquoise ;)

and here is how I did it... note: this diy is demonstrated on a different pair of earrings but you will get the gist.

So so so simple...

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Etsy Love: Glittered Gifts

Posted by Honor on Thursday, December 6, 2012, In : Love'n Etsy 
 I have been doing some xmas shopping (& DIY brainstorming) for my brother's GF and a few other very stylish ladies. While you think it would be hard to find such fabulous women something fabulous.. its not. I just shop like I am shopping for myself, or diy like I am diy'n for myself ;)
Hey, what can I say, we share good taste :)

So here are my etsy picks, make sure to click through the links at the bottom. Check back in soon cuz all of these will soon turn into easy diy tutorials ;) .... my gi...
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DIY Glitter Vase

Posted by Honor on Friday, June 22, 2012, In : Decor Crafts 
Ok... so I got a little side tracked from the DIY Nursery Art series. The house is currently under construction (yeah dream country-fied kitchen here we come!), so the projects that I had in mind are currently on hold. Buuuuuut here is a quick beauty to keep you diy-ers satisfied.
 The DIY Glitter vase is perfect for your left over glassware and will spruce up any shindig, whether it be baby shower, bridal shower, brunch or birthday party.  I love sinking a single flower in the vase, but feel ...
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Paper Mache Cuff Bracelet

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, In : Accessories 
How to make a Paper Mache Cuff Bracelet

Love being unique? Want to create a very personalized accessory? Well this tutorial is absolutely fabulous and right up your alley and you will be dieing to tell all your friends and family.... umm well actually this tutorial is a quick run through of how to paper mache. Something every crafter should know how to do. Instead of doing some boring average bowl, I spruced up this skill and made an accessory out of it :) Enjoy!
What you will need: Brown kraft...

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Glitter Gumball Necklace Tutorial

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, In : Accessories 
How to Make a Glitter Gumball Necklace

Who doesn't just love love love glitter?!
This one is for the glitter lovers... super easy and perfect for any party. Lots of my sister glitter lovers come up and ogle my glitter gumballs whenever they make an appearance. Ummm that sounded wrong. Ha! Hope you enjoy!

What you will need: A package of wood beads from your local craft supply store. They run about $3.50 for 20. You will also need q tips, a paper plate, a small paint brush, craft paint, glitter a...

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