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Kristie Christmas Card... Sending love your way

Posted by Honor on Monday, December 15, 2014, In : Life At Home 
Tis the season of holiday cards and I'd thought I share our pics with you. Who doesn't like getting cute mail?

Bawh! I love a good outtake wayyyy more than the purdy ones. Don't you? I mean, this is my life. The littlest one demanding attention, Lucas just like, 'Mama! Hurry up and take this damn thing already because I got my eye on that mud puddle and/or chicken over there and my clothes are just itching to get dirty!' and lou is being mama's sweet little angel helper, innocent right? No. Sh...

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Insta Update: First Month Mom of Three Thought Dump

Posted by Honor on Friday, March 14, 2014, In : Life At Home 

  Ok. So we survived. Actually, I survived, the first month of being a mom of three, three and under. No major snafus or houses burning down, no mental breakdowns, no broken bones or bloody noses.... definitively a floor pounding tantrum or two. By me. Not the toddler. But all in all I kept my shiznit together. Holla!
  So a couple of days ago I was totally congratulating myself on the heroic feat of braving Costco with three littles. Thinking 'Oh look at me, I'm so totally a Super Mom!'......
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Leland's Newborn Photo Shoot With Two Roses Photography

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, In : Life At Home 
   Alright, back for round two and three of my session with Two Roses Photography. In case you missed it, Amanda from Two Roses preformed an absolute miracle and created these beautiful maternity images. Check check check em out.... but now on to the adorableness that is newborns. Please be patient as they load... also I apologize for the overload on photos of  my baby/my family/moi... but then again I don't. This is me, my life and all that I dearly care about. It's such a joyous time in ...
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