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DIY Rhinestone Embellished Cardi

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, In : Clothing 

In anticipation of our fam's big spring break trip to Chicago I have been DIY'n some new duds like a mo-fo. I have been a'sewing and weaving and knitting and crocheting and plucking peacock feathers and dabbling in some millinery... you know the usual.

Yeah right. Let's just stick to the craft I like to call, 'Glueage'. Where one can make designer like ensembles simply by slapping some glue on some stones. Like the Big Baubles top from yesterday. Now that's what I'm talking about. This here D...

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Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern

Posted by Honor on Friday, March 23, 2012, In : Party Decorations 

Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern

My baby boy is almost here! I am so excited to meet him and frankly I am sooooo over being pregnant. We plan on having Lou and the baby share a room while they are little and I currently love how Lou's room is decorated but fact is... it is a little girly. I want to stay far away from the split up 'boy side & 'girl side'  feeling that many shared gender rooms have, but I do need to add a few more neutral or 'boy' features to the room. With that being said I came ...

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