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Winter Snapshots

Posted by Honor on Monday, December 15, 2014, In : Life At Home 
Alright ma peeps. Time for a totally self indulgent post full of me, my babies and our going ons. So I warn you, avert your eyes now if you have an aversion to baby snuggles and childhood wonderment because basically all this shamelessly is, is a way for me to make them a baby book without having to make them a baby book...

But mama! I promise we will only put our toes in! Just our toes! Please oh please can we play by the water?!?!?!
Ya right... just your toes.

I have been very blessed with thr...

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DIY Watercolor Paper Lantern Holiday Ornament

Posted by Honor on Saturday, November 24, 2012, In : Holiday Decorations 

Alright diyers, now that Thanksgiving is over the real holiday mission is on. Your mission (ok, really my mission): Decorate the tree and house is only handmade, natural or found elements. NO STORE BOUGHT hocus pocus. I try so hard every holiday season to not indulge in all the costly holiday pretties.... but it is so hard! Those lovelies are well, so lovely!
I welcome you to the first of my handmade ornaments. This one is super simple and involves watercolors. I have been on a really big wate...

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DIY Anthropologie Alphabranch Monogram Ornament

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, In : Holiday Decorations 

As promised from yesterday, today is a cute and simple Anthro DIY. A little somethin somethin so easy that you can make while watching Sons of Anarchy.... well is what I'll be doing tonight anyway! These are great stocking stuffers or gifts to give at work. And they cost little to nothing!
 Anthropologie always has the best ornaments. So unique, so festive. I have been stocking up on them (or trying to) for years and my stash has started to get impressive ;) But when I saw these little bugger...
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