Warning warning warning... the following post is ridden with baby pictures. So if chunky cheeks, squishy thighs, sausage toes and poochy bellies offend, please avert your eyes now!

    But if not... this one is for you. BTW All the pictures we taken by my husband! Holler for having someone else behind the camera lens for once.... not that I even made it into a single photo! Oh well! But that man was all about this young blonde babe ^^^^

   Interesting how I can see a difference in the expressions on little man's face in these photos versus photos where I was behind the camera. In these photos I see searching for approval and encouragement as well as just general joy to be included. Little man is all about observing his pops and then repeating, with me he just wants hugs, smooches and snacks. Lou was the switcher-roo. She kept (and still does) a keen eye on what I was doing and then proceeded to follow. Like lipstick, heels and dresses. I never specifically encouraged her to take up these 'play activities' . She just did. Like with little man. We never directly handed him a wrench and said, 'Now go work on anything with a motor, adjust your package, take a swig of a beer and pee standing up outside.'..... but he did. Just kidding. Kinda. He has been known to rip off his diaper, run over to the dirt, admire himself while he pees, then toddle back to the garage in search for either A. a wrench to bang on anything metal or B. a beer bottle to run off with because it's just so funny (to him) to be chased by a mama saying, 'No bubba, no!'.
   The little rascal. Both of em. All of em! I am surround by a bunch of kooks. But they are my kooks. I'm probably the kookiest one of the all. And I couldn't be happier then being smack dab in my kooky crazy (and messy, very very messy) world.

Thanks for stopping by! Working on a big announcement for this little bis-nas. Coming soon and I'm pretty amped.