Well..... I did it. I chopped off all my hairs. It only took me 27 years to work up enough courage to do it (first year doesn't count as I was a baldy).

Wait before you all yell and scream at me 'Why???? But WHYYYYY!!!!!!?????'.... (as my husband may or may not of done).... I have been WANTING to do this for years. Really, years. But change is kinda scary right?! But good. But scary.

So blame it on the pregnancy hormones. My violent heat flashes. Hours spent on pinterest looking at this

and this

and this

and followed up by a run through of this slide show on Oprah....

yes all of these ladies are drop dead gorgeous, yes they are celebs with amazing hair and yes they all have an army of magician hair stylists.... but all of them were known for their long blonde hair.... yet they still did 'the chop' and look all the better for it!

There is a sort of freedom that comes from short hair. No longer laying/sitting on it, having it pulled by your purse straps, seat belts and sticky gremlin (aka babies) paws. You can style it to have some edge... or wave it to add a feminine touch... or just take advantage of the ease... wash and wear!

So here is a sneak peek at the cut.... I'll post more with a few easy (Shortie!!!!) Hairstyles soon. Hold on ladies, this is uncharted territory for me :)

Thanks for stopping by!

ps. I'm sorry if this post is a lil self centered, but chopping off nearly two feet of hair is kinda a big deal... Well at least IMHO it is.... ;)