Alrighty-o . Onto the next installment of my Business of Blogging Series where I share the best of the bestest best tips and tricks to grow and build a (Top Notch Be-Otch) Bloggity blog.
If you missed it, HERE is my first post where I talk about what you are 'looking' for in a blog
And I'll cut to the chase... these next two posts


First up... kinda self explanatory but you can't have a successful blog with out it.

1. Killer Content is KEY! - As in top notch, quality, inspirational, creative, unique must reads. No fluff. No fillers. If you do re-post something from another blogger, CALL IT OUT! It's just the right thing to do. (I'll talk more about that in a bit.) Remember about what I said in my previous post about creating a space that you love and you would want to visit over and over!? I get so turned off by a site that reblogs something that I've seen over and over... blah-dee-dee-blah-blah. There are a million, MILLIONS, of those blogs out there. Don't be one of them. Or do, if you are looking to slip into oblivion. You want your visitors to get hooked and come back again and again looking forward to your next posts, not annoyed by finding another time waster.
  The saying, 'If you build it they will come', definitely applies in this situation. If you create/post something truly NEW, ORIGINAL, INSPIRING, your stats will sky rocket. Trust me. With all the pinning, sharing and re-blogging going on, there is no way a good idea or great post will go unnoticed. (And once you notice ppl copying your ideas? That's when you are really starting to make it ;) ....You just gotta accept it, copying WILL happen.
errrrrph (record scratching to a stop)
now let's rewind just a bit.
   I don't think there is anything wrong with spinning off of one idea and creating something else. Just call it out. If you are recreating someone else's original post/idea/creation, SAY SO & link to it. Your readers and more importantly fellow bloggers, will appreciate it. Do not piss off your fellow bloggers, or you are D.O.O.M.E.D. I'll discuss that point later in the series.

  A. So what is killer content you ask? That depends on what type of blog you are aiming for. It could be an awesomely cute outfit you put together from bargain buys, or a fab furniture diy or a mouth watering dish.... whatever floats your blog boat. Major tip: You gotta, just gotta, have great photos to accompany this awesome content. Majority of visitors spend less than 30 seconds on a page, so you need something to grab their attention (visually). An image to reach out, grab the visitor by the eyeballs and shout 'READ ME! LOOK AT ME! YOU'LL LOVE ME! (and pin me please so you can stop by for another visit or two)'
  B. Now you ask, 'How do I create killer content'. Plain and simple. TURN OFF THE COMPUTER. Yep. Just turn it off. Go to the library, the beach, a nursery, play with your kids, open your fridge, go on a hike, go to the mall and people watch, go to the bar and play 'your team' (haha... fun game to play at a bar w/your gal pals, look it up). Basically it boils down to this. Stop specifically looking for killer content, especially on the internet. You'll just get sucked down into the oblivion of it all and your creative eye will get muck in. And you don't want a mucky creative eye.
 Great ideas come naturally. By solving a problem, having a new experience or sometimes just dumb luck idea lighting. It's your life, go live it how you want to, not by how you see it on pinterest.
 C. Map it out- As in write down all your ideas, thoughts and whims. Expand on the good ones. Flesh it out, put some meat on those posts bones. Then plan accordingly. Posts get SO much better with even just the tiniest bit of thought process behind it.  I highly discourage just opening up your site, writing a paragraph or two and hitting 'post' with out review. You might find that you have just re-said what someone else has said better already, or worse, you might offend your visitors.
Review = Good
On A Whim = Bad
Drunk = Very bad! (But possibly hilarious)

   So in review. The best of the very best blogs out there are full of new, exciting, inspiring content. They are creating things that people are dieing to read and see. Avoid fluff. In fact, don't do it. You will get a much higher return visitor count if you post only high quality content. Even if that means limiting the number of posts you do. A couple of TOP NOTCH posts a week is so much better than an encyclopedia's worth of regurgitation. And stop looking for content on the internet. It's just bad form, bad juju and will cloud up your creative eye. And finally, review. You might still make a few grammatical errors (like me!), but you will catch the big bloopers. You don't want to be known as a blooper.

Next up: Hey Baby, Hows yous doin?Greetings, I am a robot sent from outer space

 or in other words...
 how to connect with your readers and the internet community and how to craft your unique writing style (voice)

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