....or in other words on to part three of my Business of Blogging series, where I discuss the importance of crafting your own writing style or voice.

     In case you missed it, here is part one where I discuss the importance of how your blog should look, and here is part two, where I talk about what your blog should contain.

 Now to the goods. The deets. The dirt. The babaganooush.

Your voice.

   Let me tell ya, It takes practice. A lotta lotta practice. Crafting a writing style that is genuine (like a nice hug), factual (but not severe), friendly (yet not over the top) and unique (as in your fans could find a paragraph written by you if they were give the whole encyclopedia to pick out've) is a feat unto it's self. I always say that actors have it easy peasy. They have their hands, face & body to convey emotion. A blogger has THIS or this or This or this and sometimes T&*%#$# (if the situation calls for it ;). But a writer also has words, oh glorious words. Infinite words.
    Having a great writing style is like striking gold with cultivating return visitors. Which is a major goal in growing a bloggy business. Return visitors are your bread and butter and basically the whole pumpkin pie. They are who spread your gospel by recommending them to their own friends, re-posting, pinning and lovin your work. And everyone needs a little lovin'

Here are my tips for crafting your voice:

Keep a Journal- Physically write it out. On paper. With a pen. Or a pencil. Or perhaps a crayon. The more you do it the easier the words will come. When you go through the cathartic act of journaling you'll shake out all the willy nillies. You'll run the gamut of ideas and thoughts, from the absolutely nutso to kinda profound and you can pick and choose what to expand on from there. Think of kindergarteners doing the shimmy shakes before story time. Like a pregame stretch or warm up. While you are writing it out I also suggest doing a page or two of stream of consciousness. Where you write out whatever flows into your head w/o second thought or regulation. It might look a little crazy or you'll feel a little silly but that's good. Gouuud.
Here is a snippet of one of mine.
       'How was your day. Fine. Except those stupid squirrels ate my dutsy miller again. But they didn't even really eat it, they just chomped on the stalk till it tipped over like a lumber jack whacking down a tree. Didn't touch the leaves or roots or nuthin. It's like they are holding up their little squirrel fists at me saying 'Victory is mine!  Bawhaha!' Ah dusty miller. I love that color. Silver and green and blue all at the same time. I'd like to have a blouse that color. But I guess that's really a fall/winterish color. Is there anything to that whole 'Your color/season' thing?'. I guess so. I'd like to be a fall, but I bet I'm a spring. Because I'm pink. Literally pink. And speckled with freckles..... and so on and so on.
      Ok, so you get the point. I think a lot about gardening, color and being outside. But I ended up on a point that is worth dissecting further, 'Finding your personal color/season'. A thought that I don't think would have passed through w/o doing a lil SOC.

Take a closer look at who you enjoy reading- Blog wise. Not novel. Or trashy magazine. See how they grab your attention and keep it. Is there a lot of THIS!!!!!!....?..... Probably not, that get's so tiresome when everything is being shouted at you. But I bet it doesn't read like webster's either. My blog hero? The pioneer woman. She is one cool cat. When she posts a recipe she gets down to business. When she posts a confession, she's ballsy honest and LOL funny. My. Kinda. Lady.  I took a ton of ques from her when I first started writing, and the more I did it the easier it came.

Don't shy away from bad grammar and slang- I use this tactic a lot. I love to sprinkle in slang, abbreviations or made up words here and there. I put a lot of thought into how I would say things in real life and then craft the message accordingly. Am I trying to win a grammar or spelling competition? No. Do I use spell check and re-read all my posts? Definitely. Do I make mistakes and people call me on it? Hell yes! But that's ok, I'm human, they are human, we are all human.

Decide what is off limits and stick to it. I don't swear, and I personally don't read many blogs that full on curse. A &*^*&% here or there is fine by my book. Is that weird because we all know what is really being said? I guess but oh well, it's just my shtick.

Don't whine- Don't write a post that goes like this 'Oh I was so busy busy busy, I meant to write this amazing post but but I didn't because I was a busy busy bee, being fabulous and wonderful and smelling my she-ot becuase it don't stink'..... Well that is what I think when I read a crappy post like that. Ennnnah.... Bloggy death. This comes back full circle to my point about quality posts over quantity of posts. Just don't do the filler fluff.

   Simple enough? Yes and no. It is simple to get your message across, but it takes practice and patience till your voice has been heard... with the inflection/tone/and feeling you were going for. But in the end I say 'Go for it!' 'Get it gurl!'
   You won't get anywhere if you don't get off your bootay and put the keys in the ignition. You can decide where you go from there.

Thank for stopping by!