I sit here writing in the wee hours of morning the day before our baby boy #3 will make his grand debut. I shoulda seen this coming a mile away. All of my babes have some sort of 10 in their birthdays and all were waaaaaaayyyyy overdue.   
    My Doc say, 'Oh you are just such a good cook they never want to leave. Some ladies, like you, are blessed with the burden of carrying for 41 to 42 weeks.'
Ahhhhh, no thanks. This mama is done... ka-put.... ready to pop... hit her limit. I stop and listen to my internal ticking at every twitch, pull or cramp thinking 'Is this it? Are we ready to go?'. But nope, nada, nothing.
 Sooooo, tomorrow morning at o dark thirty he will be pushed out of his cozy cocoon via a healthy dose of pitocen and a scheduled induction.
  My ideal? No. Not really. But that's how it's gonna be for this fella. He his coming into our family as the third child and he will have to adjust and adapt to us just like we will have to adjust and adapt to him. But let me tell ya, All this talk of adjusting and adapting has me really nervous. A tad anxious. A bit terrified. But mostly excited? I say that with a question mark because this is such a weird time. Weird, as in our family dynamic and routine is about to be turned on it's head and kicked to the curb, and the unknown is always a little petrifying. BUT! I also know that a new routine and cohesive dynamic will fall into place perfectly, just like when Lucas arrived, and just like when Lucinda officially made us a family.
 In one day. A few short hours. I. Me. Mama. Will push a life into this scary, crazy, beautiful world we have around us. I can't tell you enough how excited I am for the feeling of when he leaves my existence and starts his own by being plopped on my chest. Suuuch an indescribable rush and relief all at the same time. With Lucinda, the first one, it was all a blur and I was like, 'So this is you. You are no longer part of me. This is you. Here we go?!?!'. And with Lucas it was like, 'Oh, HERE you are! Alright, we can do this. Holy shit there are two of you now!'.
  With each baby that feeling of connection and over whelming joy comes easier, faster and stronger. In my experience, with the first one, I was way way out of my element and it took me a bit to take the tumble down into mamahood. But once I tumbled, here I am. Holding fast to the sails and guiding my family into uncharted territory.
   So now I ask myself. What do you do the day before baby arrives? Pedicure? Laundry? Bungy jumping? Just kidding. I'll probably curl up with the other two, have a movie marathon and take a nap.

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