Part One: Etsy
It's not just for the crafty ladies anymore! Here are a few that caught my eye, and I ran them past my big guy and he gave them the thumbs up. Presents are so personal so keep in mind these are just suggestions. ;)

Live Edge iPad Docking Station & Stand From Grand Stands & Co.
Add a lil outdoorseiness to the techie things in his life

50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener From Bottle Breacher
How more manyly can you get than popping open a brewskie with a 50 Cal bullet

Set of Vintage 66' Playboy Magazines
Need I say more? (even I like the real old vintage ones... the advertisements are hilarious!)

Resin Stag Bust (Pick A Color!) From Hodi Home Decor
For those of ya who don't have access to a real mount.... why not get one in neon orange?

Two Beautiful Handcrafted Beer Taps By Bearded Boy Designs
For the home brewer or those pops who like really fresh beer

Handmade (In New Zealand) Flannel Shirt By Falve
You pick out the rest of his clothes right? Why not throw this awesome handmade one into the mix

Father's Day Card... on real wood! By Cardtorial
Most awesome father's day card, like, ever!

Hop you like my suggestions. Happy Hunting!
Thanks for stopping by!