I Love love love this snapshot of them. I will have to look back on this when they are tearing each others hair out and say to them, 'SEE!!! You can get along!'

Welcome to our new haven. This chartreuse and cream floral wonder is our 'new' sofa. Eight feet long of vintage cushy pillow wonderful. I have recently vowed to myself that old is the new 'new'. No more new furniture when there are plenty of hardy handcrafted in the US of A battleships out there. I haven't named this beauty yet but I am sure it will come to me soon. The kiddos flocked to it as immediately as I did. Their visceral reaction has been fantastic to watch. She can't wait to jump around on it and build forts out of the (Hallelujah!!! Removable and washable) cushions. He scooted himself quick as a mouse over to this low slung beast (yes beast, at over 8' in length it is a beast) and proceeded to pull himself up and teeter between it and the ottoman. Can't beat craigslist. This vintage beauty was scored from a high end wedding prop rental company that periodically clears out their inventory. She got this sofa from it's only owner and never used it because her clients didn't like the green. Wait What? How can you not fall head over heels for this green? I did, so I snatched it up. By snatched I mean we took out the seats of the 80' burb, packed the babies into their car-seats and made the two hour drive to the warehouse where the sofa was being housed. Loooooon-g-ah day. But it was worth it. Nothing an ice-cream sandwich can't fix.

Hair twirling.... Where did that come from???

Thanks for stopping by, an pretty anthro inspired diy is up next!