And by honey I mean me. Here is a look at one of my (many many many.... will the list ever end???) ongoing projects/renovations of mi casa. I got a bug in my ear buzzing that I just gotta refinish our butcherblock countertops... like ah'now. I love our butcherblock, or BB's as I call them,  it's just that they have been looking, well, rather icky poo lately. Not that I'm no longer a huge fan of the vintage/antique/rustic/dents & dings look, I just feel that they could look better.

kinda meh it my opinion. No longer the glossy shiny pretty feels-so-good-to-run-your-fingers-across surface that they once were. See below

^^^^^ See what I mean ^^^^. They have definitely seen better days. Shuuuuushhhh don't tell any one but I have been a naughty girl. I have, on perhaps more then a few occasions, cut up fruit, veggies and what-not directly on em..... Ahhhh! I know! Bad Honor Bad. Left hand, would you slap the right? SO so so so.... I'm hoping all this work I'm clocking in right now (pain . in . the  . rear) will teach me a lesson to take care of these beauties (trust me, they will be crowned Queen Miss Hotsy Totsy of the Southern Californian Countertop Pageant after I'm through with em!)

Sand and sand and sand and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddding away. Jiggled my arms enough that I'm starting to believe that there might really be something to those vibration weight loss machines. Good Gawd. ^^^^ Image on the left is after I sanded and rubbed it down with mineral oil to get rid of the dust. I have since applied two coats of the two in one poly & stain and I'm just waiting for it to dry enough so I can sand it again (dang it!) and apply another coat. We are heading over to the dark side. Went with a dark walnut stain in HIGH HALLELUJAH GLOSS and me-likey. It's starting to look like a fine piece of furniture. Here is some eye candy so you can start feeling the BB mojo...

Via Atlanta Legacy Homes

Via Stillwater Story

Via Stillwater Story

Via Martha Stewart

Via Pinterest

^^^^ This is more to the tune of what I'm shooting for.

I'll post some pics tomorrow of how operation 'How ol bessie (my kitchen) got her groove back'. Soon she will have her jewels gleaming bright, but right now she's topless!


I crack my self up ;)

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