I went to the Dr for a checkup and came out fourth months pregnant! What a surprise to say the least. Mostly I was shocked, followed by short bursts of joy then the finale of an acute panic attack. Guess that explains the extreme exhaustion, upswing in incredible moodiness and general nausea that overwhelmed me when I was around any type of food. Kinda like DUH!

  Three Babies? This is uncharted territory. I am one of two. All of my friends growing up were one of two. Anyone I could turn to for advice has/had one or two. This three thing is... I just don't know. I'm sure we will be just fine but having the babes out number the parents???? Kinda scary right?

  So please... have mercy on me. I know DIYs have been lacking ( SORRY!), but this zombie is just starting to come out of her funk. I am beginning to feel like myself again and the inspiration is starting to flow. I guess you should be looking forward to crazy recipe concoctions and cutesy baby clothes/decor.... comes with the territory of being a mama bear.

 Thank you for your patience... now please excuse me while I have an attack of morning sickness followed by a nap with the littles.