Why oh why do women feel the need to judge!? To make evil maniacal snap judgements?! And then feel the need to make such (blatantly wrong) thoughts known? It causes me (and I'm sure you) all sorts of unwanted and certainly unneeded stress! Don't you recognize a woman on the brink when you see one?!?! As in right here ripping her hair out shouting 'You idiot!!"
   Don't push me sister.... yet you do time and time again.
 Ah alas. I'm so guilty of this (mercy, please), as we all are. For example, lets venture back a mere four years ago when I was preggo with numero uno and I couldn't keep my mouth shut about natural this, drug free that, midwife this, waterbirth that. Well THAT went out the window when I was two weeks over due, 48 hours into labor, water had broke, no dilation and the baby was starting to be in distress. So an epidural, a 20 minute cat nap, a single push later and out she came healthy, pink and perfect. At first I was boo hoo me, poor me, boo hoo I didn't have the dream roar woman power squat and deliver beautiful childbirth I had dreamed of. But a proverbial slap in the face back to reality was plopped on my chest. My daughter. Perfectly healthy and screaming. I was healthy, everything was grand. How dare I feel pity or sorrow when I was blessed with this, well, blessing! So over it I'ah got. And quickly. You can't let that stuff bring ya down.

 Flash forward to my next two deliveries and they were as smooth as pumpkin pie, that's smooth right? Well, thing went smoothly. I had my regular OB (who I love dearly) induce me at 40 weeks. I had an epidural, both times. And I wouldn't have changed a thing. They timed it perfectly so that I was able to move my legs, push with my contractions (which I definitely felt) and was not totally exhausted so I was up and moving to the recovery room in less than an hour. Wouldn't change a thing. Don't doubt my choices one bit. But don't get me wrong, if you go au'natural I still think that's awesome and a preferable route. Go you! Go girl power! Roar! But these were my deliveries, my body and my unique circumstances. Each delivery is as unique as the individual so comparison is always a tricky thing. One thing that I want to make clear to my fellow ladies is that childbirth and all that goes with it should be free from judgement. No mother should feel guilty about how their child was brought into this world. Whether it be natural, with pain management meds or c-section.

 I'll spare you the nitty gritty but basically I am peeved because I was asked my opinion and experience with induction and pain meds and I gave a cautionary green light. A green light becuase it worked so well for me and I have three healthy and happy babies (and being a healthy and happy mama) to show for it, but a cautionary one because each woman, baby and delivery is so different that one should always go with their gut.

    And BOOM. Some one judged me.

   Tried to call me out as a bad mother for inducing and using pain meds. And get this. She, yes a she, has never been preggo nor delivered a child. But she took it upon herself to judge me and give her ill advised/ill informed advice. And basically just throw a giant Molotov cocktail into my roar mama roar fire. I bit back, she whimpered and receded but in the end I felt like the jerk. I shouldn't have blown up at her but, girl, you done gone and made me mad.
  So you out there, miss judgy wudgy, trying to make me pissed off (which you succeeded in doing so) get down there off your high horse and come join me in a little burping, diaper changing and fending off of the ankle biters. I will show you that being a good mother is how you love, care for and nourish the mind body and soul of your children. Every. Single. Day. Being a good mother does NOT boil down to how you pushed your child out of your v-jay, (or tummy via c-section).

 Can't we all get along?

 Apparently not ;)

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