There was a blowout sale of the Easter flowers at my local Walmart. A dozen roses for $2 and spring mixes for $1. What a score right?! These flowers above are only the beginning of what looks like a florist exploded in my house. It's not everyday you can snatch up fresh flowers for a steal, so I went a little overboard.... spring has sprung right?

Here is a round up of my favorite tips and tricks for taking care of cut flowers and making them last.

*When picking flowers at local grocery store, resist picking the bunches that have full blooms. The tighter the bud the better. You don't want them to wilt before you even make it home right?!
*Once you get home cut the stems in a 45 degree angle under running water or under water. Cut them at least one inch above where they were trimmed previously.
*Lukewarm water is key... no cool or ice water. Lukewarm water travels up the stem faster, ie replenishes the lost water faster, ie fuller blooms.
*Remove all the leaves/foliage that will not be visible.
*Add this mix... it will feed your plants. Think of it as their last meal. So make it a good one ;)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon household bleach
2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice
1 quart lukewarm water

*Or toss an aspirin into the container
*Let your thicker stem flowers and foliage set with freshly cut stems in the water and food solution for at least an hour before arranging.
*While arranging, don't over crowd. Let the blooms breathe
*Check and replenish water and food solution frequently
*Pick off and throw away wilted blooms and foliage
*Re-cut blooms that instantly wilt
*Keep away from direct sunlight, strong breezes and bananas (or any ripe/ripening fruit)

Hope these tips help inspire you to get out there and arrange something

Thanks for stopping by!