Dairy of parenting a strong willed child: Part one.

  Buying a mattress.

  To say that my first born, Lou, is a strong willed child is like calling the grand canyon just a valley. True in essence, but greatly inadequate in description.
  This little one has tested me more than anyone or anything else. A constant button pusher. A true inquisitor. Master of patience draining.
  Good thing they are so darn cute at this age, right? Or who knows what could happen when a tired mama is pushed past her limits and is falling into the oblivion of 'peed-pants/two-babies-screaming/papa-on-his-way-home/no-dinner-has-not-been-started/stop-jumping-on-your-brother/don't-pull-the-dog's-tail/get-out-of-the-freezer/where-is-my-make-up-bag?/is-that-nail-polish-I-smell?/dear-god/help/me/now'
  Daily basis. Sound familiar?


   That statement was partially true.

   Yes, all of those things have happened. And yes, they have all happened at the same time. Not all day everyday, but yes, *#$& happens.

  You just have to surrender to the chaos of it all and not try to control everything.

    Relish the mishaps and know that this period of life, while stressful, is so very precious and so very very short.

    For instance today.

     I could have lost my marbles when at the mattress store I witnessed my Tasmanian devil child taking flying squirrel leaps from one bed to the next, and then to the next and to the next, and next and next, next, next, next, as her father and I circled up and tried and grab her. Only to have her squirm away and shriek with belly full of excitement. Come on, you know the feeling. When you are doing something you know you shouldn't, but it is so dang FUN!

  Yes, it was frustrating. Yes, it was hilarious.Yes, I had to bribe her with lip gloss to calm down after the hubs did an impressive flying grab-child-in-mid-air-when-she wasn't-expecting-it leap.
And yes, I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

So what'cha do today?

Thanks for stopping by. A cheap and easy storage solution is up next. On bit of a spring cleaning binge these days so I have a feeling that a lot of the diy posts will be about storage/organization.