Wait! Stop! Halt! Do NOT throw out your worn junky looking costume jewelry! You know what I'm talking about.... Any self respecting lay-day has a drawer full of bracelets, rings and necklaces that are either missing some rhinestones/jewels or have half the plating rubbed off to reveal that icky bronzy cheapy looking color. Ugh right? These pieces were so loved at one time, but now cast aside, scorned to be long forgotten in the 'jewelry junk drawer'. But have no fear! All is not lost! With a few simple steps (and I mean LITTLE. EFFORT. REQUIRED) you can bring these babies back to life, and in fact extend that life into infinity wears! Read/look on...

Or any desired color. Neon orange? Sure! Hot pink? Go for it! Class-say silver? Of course!

It must be that indoor/outdoor polyurethane that does the trick, cuz let me tell ya, I have done this little trick on a couple of pieces before and the paint HAS NEVER worn off, peeled or chipped. Now it's like.... tougher than gold (wait, gold really isn't that tough right?) So now it's like tougher than..... well a whole lot tougher than it used to be. I'm sure you get the picture.

Also here is another
LIFE CHANGING TIP: Give your costume jewelry a couple of quick coats of the clear polyurethane before you wear them, and POW, that finish is locked in for good!

Just a quick diy fall 'freshen up'. Thanks for stopping by!