Doot doot doot doot..... Breaking news folks...

First off I am proud to announce the launch of my SHOP!!!!

    I have been dreaming about creating a place to sell my art, both digital and handmade. I've been doing it enough on the side that I thought that it was about time that I offer my (digital) services to the loving crowds (that's you ;)...
   The shop will be full of custom printable art. Any and everything from custom nursery monograms, watercolor art prints, note cards, quote art and holiday art prints. I will also be expanding the custom shop to include house and couple portraits! Whew!!! A lot huh?!
   Basically just tons of pretty things ready to customize and print! And isn't it great that the cost will be so low because we can avoid those pesky shipping and handling charges?! Everything will be neatly and nicely delivered into your inbox ready to be printed, framed and displayed! Holler Holler Holler

Please be patient while I work out all the kinks and bugs. Through out the week I will be uploading all the products. There is just a smattering right now, but trust me, I have a bijillion more to choose from and I will be getting them live as quick as my little fingers can type :)

Bring it on!

Thanks so much for stopping by:)