This weekend my parents, the babies and I flew up to Portland Oregon to visit my grandmother. She is my one and only grandmother, as my maternal one passed before I could meet her. (That statement makes me sad because from all the stories I hear about Betty Lou, she and I would have been thick as thieves. With our similar tempers, predilections to having flocked wallpaper on the ceiling and a devotion to anything sweet ).
   But GM Mary Jane couldn't be sweeter. Exactly what you hope a grandma to be. Chocolate always stocked in the candy dish, captain crunch always in the cupboard and plenty of 'a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck'. She is getting up there in age and her mobility and memory has waned. I am so very thankful for this trip because I really don't know if I will get to see her again. Our weekly phone calls can only go so far. An actual hug, a real embrace is worth a million phone calls. She was able to hold my babies, hear about our lives and relate what memories she could.

Pretty amazing when you think about it. GM Mary Jane was born in 1927. Lucas in 2012. Eighty-Five-Years.

   This trip got my dad talking about his wishes for when he gets older. I am glad that we can talk about those things, I really want to respect his wishes and know what he desires... but let me tell you it scares the bejeeus out of me. I really can't imagine my life with out my parents. We talk daily (I mean hell.... I work in the family business!). But my parents are still so full of life that it is so easy to push those types of thoughts to way way way in the back. To be honest they are still way back there and I really don't feel like dragging them out.

 But that also got me thinking about my mom and her parents. Both of my maternal grandparents passed before my brother and I reached the age of two. My mom has done it alone... no parents to help schlep two running nosed tired babies through the airport. No parents to help teach piano and swimming and reading and baking and riding horses. No parents to help celebrate birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. No parents. Wow she is a strong woman. I am so glad to be her daughter. And even more thankful that Lou with the Attitude will have a strong relationship with her. Lou is this woman reincarnated.

But enough with the sad thoughts. Time to rejoice just be fat and happy. I have healthy babies, healthy parents a loving (and healthy) husband who was working during this trip and a good life. Rather than longing to be with lost relatives it is important to cherish the living ones.

She is a beauty ;)

Thought I would finish on a strong happy note.
This tub-of-love can't get enough football. He eyes and attention automatically and magically find football when ever it is on. Stops mid cry. Stops Mid nurse. He is his grandpa's grandson.

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