Queen of the pumpkin mountain, this feisty little one is ^^^^. Insisted on wearing her witch hat to the pumpkin patch and then proceeded to prance and jump from one orange orb to the next. Which in turn inspired bubba to roam around the giants mounds as well. Which I thought was adorable, but glares from other moms gave me the impression that they thought I was raising a wild pack of hooligans. Oh well.... different strokes for different folks. They are just pumpkins at a patch ya know?! It's not like I was letting them roam around on top of the produce bins at the market?!!

Why of course you use your little brother as a hand hold to steady yourself while climbing a giant mountain of pumpkins?!

Strong man over here was straining himself purple trying to pick up pumpkins that weighed as much as him. Trying to copy his pops...

If you do perchance live in Southern Cali then I definitely recommend taking a trip or two to Bates Nut Farm (or otherwise knows as Nates Butt Farm in our household.... totally my husbands fault and the nickname has just kinda stuck). We here in the Southwest don't really have the pleasure of full fledged patches and orchards of the north & mid west. This is as close to a 'traditional' fall you're gonna get.

This was a hilarious thing to witness. I don't really know if we caused any emotional damage to the young-ens but it was a blast to watch^^^. Bubs has the tendency to charge at animals and then stop at the very last moment before crashing heads and likes to stand literally nose to nose. Most animals don't really care but a few will give him a big ol sloppy lick and send him head over heels backwards squealing. He also holds his breath while feeding the goats and when their tongues lick his hand he lets out a giant giggle squeal and runs away flailing his hands saying 'Ucky!'.
Entertainment at it's purest form ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend and are able to indulge in a Halloween activity or two. Tonight? We carve pumpkins. What to do.... what to do???

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