Goof off time for me is pretty rare these days. Sometimes I lose myself in memories of way way back when I had no babies, no hubby, no major responsibilities. When I could lounge around a read 5 magazines front to back without interruption. When I could sketch, paint and write for hours on end. Just get lost in my thoughts. Ahhh those days! They were fun. But I couldn't help feeling lost then. Like I was waiting for something. Well, I'm not waiting anymore! I'm struggling to keep up! Funny how the tables turn. A few days ago I had some goof off time. This is how I spent it. On painting a presh watercolor of my presh babe, Lou. This is of Lou on her 2nd birthday with her very own tiara.

My inspiration. Her face has changed so much in just a few months. I really notice it now looking at this picture. She is no longer my baby (well, she will always be my baby), she has now become a little (full of pi$$ and vinegar) lady.

I've been working on watercolor portraits of few friends and family. A little afraid to show them to any one though. Cuz, how awful would that be if you saw a portrait of yourself and it was hideous! I'd be like 'Do I really look like that or are you going for an impressionistic thang?' Gawh!

Hummm. We will just have to see if they (the paintings) make the cut.

Thanks for stopping by! A ridiculously awesome Moroccan diy is up next.