Yes. It's true. Sooner than later the boys will out number the girls in the Kristie household. Am I psyched? Yes! A little terrified? Most definitely. Boys are a whole other story (than girls) when it comes to their mamas. My little lou has always been so content entertaining herself and if she felt so inclined she might bring a book or a toy to my attention if she wanted my participation. But my little bubba? If he is not suction cup tentacled to my leg, shoving a picture book in my face or standing at the top of the stairs yelling 'Mama.... MAma.... MAMAMMAMAMMA!', well if he's not doing those things then he's asleep. Or (thank god!) the hubs has dragged him down the hill to tromp around under the avo trees. To say that he is demanding is a total understatement. But this little one is also the sweetest, most kindhearted, cuddly lug around. I can will never have enough or tire of his smooches and hugs and will put up with all brutish boy behavior in order to steal one or two or three dozen more of em.  So I say bring it on boys! I'll be ready for you!

Now I find myself dreaming of shared boys rooms.... I think a room shuffle and redecoration is in order....

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Via Pottery Barn

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