Weekends like what just happened, remind me why our family is so blessed to live in southern California... and why we will never ever never ever never never NEVER move away. Unless we have to. Begrudgingly, I would welcome new adventures and new locations but not with out a great big harumph!!!! first.
Our weather was splendid, the wildflowers are blooming (spring comes extra extra early here) and the big man had the weekend off. Triple threat. We BBQ'd with close friends. We planted our zinnia and marigold seeds in old coffee tins. Let the kids entertain themselves with a bucket and a hose while we talked and sipped on some cold brewskies.
 Good gawd! How boring does that sound to my early twenties self. But to me now, a weekend like that is so delicious. Growing up I never understood why my parents liked to stay home. Never understood why they created a giant honey-do list and ticked it off one by one with sweat and glee. Oh how the tables turn! Pulling weeds, sweeping the patio and changing out light fixtures has quickly taken the place of bar hopping and late night dish sessions with girlfriends. And I'm glad that it has! I'm thankful I had those silly fun times, but grateful to be able to move on to (bigger and better!) things.

On a side note... can you believe that these wildflowers miraculously sprouted up overnight in out backyard?! I just had to get a couple of pics of my gal playing in them. She had a bit of a tude going, so I was difficult for me to get her to look at the camera.

Can't show one with out the other. Here are a couple of snaps of little man thoroughly thrilled to be given a hose to play with. And mud. Try as I might, I can't keep this kid out of the mud. What a boy!

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